Pillsbills Online pharmacy and care management services tailored to improve the care of individuals with chronic conditions that require specialty medications.

Pillsbills.com is an industry’s First & Only Indian online provider of specialty medications, offering advanced prescription services to manage chronic conditions through complex drug therapies. We are focused on not only meeting, but also exceeding, the growing needs and demands of specialty care by providing increased access to specialty medications, measurable cost management solutions and optimized therapeutic outcomes for all citizens of India.

Pillsbills.com understands that people who use specialty drugs require special, personalized care. We combine technical experience with a passion for our patients’ well-being to deliver the highest quality products and services, at manageable costs, for all of our customers.

Our Mission

We endeavor constantly to make available the latest and most ingenious treatment and wellness to people across India. Our aim is to make sure that everyone enjoys great health and blissful life. We maintain appropriate standards of quality throughout rigorous management of all processes ensuring customer satisfaction at all costs by bringing excellence in everything we do, through our insight and experience.

Careful handling and quick delivery

Pillsbills.com fills prescriptions for specialty drugs.* These types of drugs may be injected, infused or taken by mouth. Usually, you can’t get these drugs at a local retail pharmacy. They often need special storage and handling. And they need to be delivered quickly. Pillsbills.com provides many helpful services, including:
1) Free, secure delivery (usually within 48 hours of confirming your order).
2) Delivery to your home, doctor’s office or any other place you choose.
3) Package tracking for prompt delivery.

What is a specialty medication?

Specialty medications are used to treat chronic, rare, or complex conditions.
Specialty medications may:
1) Be given by infusion (intravenously), injection or taken orally.
2) Cost more than traditional medications.
3) Have special storage and handling requirements.
4) Need to be taken on a very strict schedule.

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