Eating is a basic necessity and no one should refrain from it. The world is suffering from the scarcity of food and not everyone is lucky to enjoy even a proper meal of the day. So, it’s time to tackle the phenomenon of global hunger and fight it out to aim for the Zero Hunger around the world.

Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common type of cancer and every woman in the world is at the risk of developing it. It develops from the cells present in and around the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. September is going to be the Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and we all need to understand the threat that the disease carries.

World Arthritis Day 2018 - They Need Your Hand

Our body works continuously and tirelessly. We are surrounded by the tasks of daily life which we need to do in order to make it through the day. Even when we are asleep, our brain and heart work rigorously.

world first aid day

What should be the first thing to be done if someone gets injured? The apt answer would be to provide them with ‘First Aid’.

World Contraceptive Day

We live in a world more than a population of 7.2 billion people. And looking at the scarcity of resources and the standard of living, if some serious measures are not taken with respect to the ever increasing population of the world, it is going to get worse.

World Alzheimer Day 2018

We are acknowledging the miseries brought in by the most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s. It is taking over the population slowly and steadily. The chronic disease not only causes memory loss but it also damages the brain to the core.

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