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 If we go by the stats, then in 2018 alone, 9.6 million people died in 2018, due to cancer. The figure looks scary because the problems of cancer-related diseases don’t seem to end soon. Right now, the healthcare industry is in dire need of a cure that may help us in ending cancer once and for all but that looks quite far at the moment.

World Toilet Day 2018

What is the most important task when you wake up in the morning? It doesn’t matter if you are in some kind of hurry or are getting late for work, you never forget to use the toilet.

World AIDS Day 2018

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have seen a rise in recent times. There are many factors responsible for the transmission of the STDs, but the most important of all is the concept of 'Safe Sex'. Even today, many people still don’t prefer the idea of safe sex.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Cancer is the leading cause of death and among those, pancreatic cancer alone is responsible for 3% of the cancers in people. It is the world’s deadliest cancer with the lowest survival rate and requires more attention and awareness with respect to the progress and treatment of the disease.


Pollution is one of the major problems of the world of which India has been facing the threat at its absolute worst. The natural resources are getting over, the unwanted waste is accumulating, and the climate change is real.


Eating is a basic necessity and no one should refrain from it. The world is suffering from the scarcity of food and not everyone is lucky to enjoy even a proper meal of the day. So, it’s time to tackle the phenomenon of global hunger and fight it out to aim for the Zero Hunger around the world.

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