Are Winters Rough On Your Health

Chilly mornings, frosty evenings, sweaters and hot coffee. Winter is the season of hot coffee and ginger tea but it’s also a season of ill health. There is plethora of diseases winter brings with itself like flu, common cold and dry skin. 

Besides, the common cold and flu cold weather also triggers arthritis, asthma and health risks.Some people can even forecast a drop in mercury simply by increase in pain and swelling in their joints. Diseases affect people all round the year but cold weather worsens it. Here are some effective measures you can adopt to avoid common illness during winters:

How to prevent arthritis

People complain of acute joint pain during winters. The situation worsens in people with arthritis and osteoporosis. Common symptoms include stiffness and cramps. The best way to avoid this situation is to exercise regularly. If you are physically active, the possibility of joint pain declines.

How to prevent asthma attacks

Due to smog and cold air, asthma becomes one of the common ailments in cold weather hence, asthma patient need to be more cautious in this season. Try to stay indoors or if you are going out, make sure your mouth and nose are properly covered. Take your medicines on a regular basis and always carry your inhaler.

How to prevent common cold

People are vulnerable to catch common cold all around the year but it is generally associated with winter months. Common symptoms are sneezing, coughing and runny nose. Also, it’s highly infectious. But you can stay healthy by taking precautions and boosting your immune system.  Cold germs are present in the air, hence present everywhere. If you want to avoid catching of cold, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. To avoid re-infections, keep loads of tissues with you.

How to prevent bronchitis

This is one of the most common winter illness majorly affecting babies, children and people with weaker immune system. Bronchitis is the swelling of the small airways in the lungs which leads to difficulty in breathing. Common symptoms include fast breathing and mild fever. As soon as the symptom shows, it is advisable to see a doctor and buy prescribed medicines in order to avoid worsening of symptoms. Also, avoid exposure to smoke and cigarettes.

How to prevent heart risks

Statistics say that heart attacks and strokes soar in cold weather this is due to the fact that due to dip in mercury the blood pressure increases which further adds more stain to the heart. To prevent heath risks, stay indoors during very cold days. Wrap yourself with woolen clothes in order to keep yourself cozy and warm.

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