Women experience wide varieties of emotions during pregnancy, even when they have planned the whole thing, from theme of the baby shower to the color of the baby room, they might have mood swings and could be worried about the baby’s health, their relationships, transformation in their bodies—the list goes on and on. Motherhood is a beautiful journey. But are you emotionally prepared for it?

Get ready for the unknown

Different women experience different emotions during pregnancy. There is no definite list of experiences during this phase.

It’s very important for you to be open to whatever may come when you are going to be a parent. You can start by accepting the fact that it’s impossible for you to know everything, as this would help you relax and enjoy this phase even more.

Shift in lifestyle

When you are going to be a mother, your priorities change. You won’t think about your needs much and start giving more importance to the needs of your baby. 

You might need to bring changes to your lifestyle to stay. If you have a habit of drinking, smoking or drugs, you have to give up on all as these could prove perilous for the health of your baby.

Seek help

Some women complain that their emotions don’t remain in control during pregnancy.

Doctors advise pregnant women to talk to people they like talking to or feel close to as this would help them during their tough times. Also, doctors say that the first step needed to get support is to ask.

It’s a big leap for a new mother both in terms of physical and emotional well being to ask and accept help.

If you are planning or going to be a mother soon ask yourself certain set of questions because motherhood is not a temporary change but a permanent transformation.

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