Monsoon is here and so is your coffee. Let’s celebrate Monsoon vibes to get you going. A relief from scorching heat is what we all look for. Are you munching on hot pakodas this monsoon? You might have to reconsider the oily food you were about to order.

No wonder, you are rain-dancing on your terrace. But, let us stop for a moment. Let us learn about food habits that you should keep a check on this monsoon season.

1. Leafy Vegetables: Didn’t your mom say to eat healthy leafy vegetables throughout the year? Well, you can finally stop. Vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage and Spinach are best avoided in this season. They get damped in monsoon season and probably get germs. Avoid germs, avoid leafy vegetables.

Switch to bitter gourd for a while, yes, we know you hate it but its best way to stay healthy.

2. Fried Food: Yes yes, your taste buds are craving from some hot fried pakodas in the rainy season, but take a break from these food habits. Monsoon season slows down our digestive system and you do not want an upset stomach for next 5 days. Oily/fried food can cause gastronomical problems in the monsoon season.

3. Precut fruits/salad: Avoid peeled or precut fruits, the air gets disturbed in monsoon season and hence the germs get an open entry in your food. Avoid eating mangoes in the monsoon season. Try to switch to Banana or Papaya, wash the fruits properly before eating.

4. Carbonated/Fizzy Drinks: Say no to fizzy drinks in Monsoon Season as they reduce mineral levels in our body. Digestion system is less responsive in Monsoon already, to balance the loss of minerals, keep your hands on lemonade or water at short intervals.

5. Sea Food: Are you a big fan of sea food? Monsoon season is not the best time to suit your cravings. Monsoon is breeding season for fish and prawns, so you do not want to get any infection. Try to make your peace with chicken or mutton. If you still feel hungry for sea food, know the fresh variety and put an effort in cooking it. A safe meal is a healthy meal.

6. Roadside Juices: The Monsoon season is also a season of germ-spread with being a season of love and rain. Roadside juices are prepared with much care and the rain can affect the quality of these juices. They can also be prepared with the fruits that are cut already; they can be full of germs. Make fresh juice at your home to serve your health the best.