Breast Cancer: Early Symptoms, Types and Treatment
Cancer has been a crucial disease globally and it can affect anyone starting from an infant to an aged person. Cancer has taken millions of lives and the cancer cells that grow inside the body, disturbs the entire mechanism.

Treatment for cancer has always been a question. Even though, it is being treated widely, there are cancers that could not be effectively treated due to their advanced spread to other parts of the body.

Many people have battled against cancer and conquered their fights but cancer is not just one unit of disease, it is a group of diseases that is collectively known as cancer. There are more than 200 types of cancer discovered by the scientists that affect different parts of our bodies.

Amongst these is a major type, i.e, Breast Cancer. People usually believe that Breast Cancer occurs only in women but the fact is majorly ignored that men also can get affected of Breast Cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

Like all the other cancers, early detection of breast cancer can save lives. Breast Cancer essentially works the same way as other cancers like lung cancer or prostate cancer. The tumor cells grow in the breasts when the breasts’ cells grow uncontrollably.

The multiplication of these cells at an unusually faster rate makes lumps in the breasts that turn into tumor.

Not all lumps are considered as Breast Cancer

In certain cases, the tumor that is found in lumps of both men and women are often benign tumors.
Benign Tumor cells have a lining and they do not spread to other parts of the body. Whereas, cancerous cells do not have such a lining and invades other healthy cells which in result damages other parts of the body.

Types of Breast Cancer

Each type of Breast Cancer affect a certain area in the breasts and this can help us locate the parts that are needed to be examined regularly to avoid any complications in the future.

A research from Canadian Cancer Society has helped to categorize these types of cancer. They are:

 1. Noninvasive Breast Cancer
 2. Invasive Breast Cancer
 3. Inflammatory Breast Cancer
 4. Paget Disease
 5. Triple Negative Breast Cancer
 6. Metaplastic Breast Cancer
 7. Metastatic Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Treatment

The treatment for each type may vary; a regular check up can help to establish the possibilities of cancer type and its diagnosis.
Some of the ways to treat Breast Cancer, as stated by American Cancer Society are:

 - Surgery
 - Radiation Therapy
 - Chemotherapy
 - Hormone Therapy
 - Targeted Therapy

Breast Cancer: Men vs Women

Breast Cancer can occur both in men and women; however, there are only 1% of men who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Here, the ratio may have a wide difference, but men are not safe just because of their sex.

Breast Cancer has seen a tremendous decrease in past few years. A study by Women’s Health Initiative has given a result of 7% reduction in Breast Cancer patients in just 12 months in 2002. This study linked Hormone Replacement Therapy to the increased number of women falling prey to breast cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Amongst many symptoms, some of the common symptoms are:
 - Lump in Breast

 - Inflammation in Breasts
 - Pain in nipples and breasts
 - Retracting Nipple
 - Skin of Breasts my change into red
 - Breast discharge that is not milk

Causes of Breast Cancer

 - Excessive use of alcohol
 - Too large breasts (obesity may lead to lump in breasts)
 - Being overweight (BMI exceeds 25)
 - Exposure to radiation like CT scan, UV rays etc.
 - Overuse of contraceptive drug

Breast Cancer can be treated, awareness about it is needed in girls who are in their adolescent age. The best time for examining of Breast Cancer is after 7-10 of 1st day of menstruation. Start this drive today and be safe for the future.

“Let’s break free and fly high. Let’s fight Breast Cancer”