Health Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Our Health is an important issue and we take utmost care to make sure that we don’t get sick more often. But if we go according to our stars, then medical astrology has something more in the bag.

Though, it has served a better purpose with regards to our health and wellness. Doctors in the past have been dependent on stars to find out the cause behind the ailing diseases.

Iatromathematics (Medical Astrology) defines how signs work and which body part gets more affected. Let’s see! Maybe you will find the connection and the reasons behind your illness.

1. Aries

Body Parts: Head, Brain & Face

Aries are more into challenges but are bound to suffer from too much physical and mental stress because of their brain working overtime. Hence, they easily get angry and agitated which leads to headache, migraine and strokes.

2. Taurus

Body Parts: Neck, Ears & Throat

Taurus is governed by Venus which controls throat and insulin production. And that’s why they are quite prone to cold, flues, earaches and sore throat. They also have an underactive thyroid leading to gaining or losing weight.

3. Gemini

Body Parts: Lung, Shoulders, Arms & Hands

Hay fever, colds, and coughs, the twin star may look like a pro on all fields but they aren’t (They are still open to common cold even if they are strong). Other than respiratory problems, they also like to speak with their hands and arms. The evil one of the Gemini is nervous and negative. So, an anxiety disorder, insomnia, and nervous exhaustion are also on the cards.

4. Cancer

Body Parts: Breast, Chest & Stomach

Depression and anger outbursts are very common among the Cancerians. Sometimes, the depression leads their way to food making them prone to obesity and digestive problems. They often overreact to subjects related to daily life.

5. Leo

Body Parts: Heart, Back, Spine & Blood

The mighty Leos often suffer from heart-related problems. High blood pressure, blocked arteries, irregular heartbeats and risks of anger are involved. If not your heart, then chances of getting struck with back problems and lethargy will be roaming around. So, including meditation and yoga in their too busy schedules won’t harm them.

6. Virgo

Body Parts: Abdomen & Intestines

Virgos generally suffer because of their weight, intestinal problems and food intake (What to eat?). So, eating disorders, stomach ache, ulcers and irregularities of the bowel system can be found in weak Virgos.

7. Libra

Body Parts: Kidneys, Adrenal Glands & Skin

Libras make sure to lead a good life and in doing so they overdo it sometimes. Prone to kidney, bladder and many digestive problems, diseases like diarrhea, kidney malfunction, and bladder inflammation are common among them. It is also advised that they take care of their skin and stay hydrated.

8. Scorpio

Body Parts: Bladder, Rectum, Genitals, Ovaries & Testes

Scorpions are pretty famous for their jealousy and mostly their actions are motivated by negativity. A Scorpio is cornered by problems leading to a weaker reproductive system, which makes them vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Irregular menstruation, diabetes, and bladder infections are also able to make way in the life of a Scorpion.

9. Sagittarius

Body Parts: Hips, Thighs, Sciatic Nerves & Vision

A Sagittarius is said to be restless and people under this sign are unguarded against accidents. Also, conditions affecting the eyes such as vision impairment are most likely to be found. It’s more like vision impairment will lead you to accidents (Funny, but can also be true). Detoxification and spinal injuries are also common.

10. Capricorn

Body Parts: Bones, Knees, Teeth, Joints & Skin

People under this sign are most likely to suffer with weaker or broken bones and joints. Specially, they need to take care of their knees and make sure that their skin remains healthy. In short, a Capricorn shouldn’t take much workload and give them some space.

11. Aquarius

Body Parts: Lower legs, Ankles & Circulation

An Aquarius is known to be graceful but at the same time can also be more klutzy and impatient. Weak ankles, impaired movements of arms and legs and problems related to circulation and nerve impulses can be seen quiet variably among the Aquarians (Weaker ones). Physical and mental stress along with some extra work can also make them suffer from heart problems, arthritis, swelling in limbs, asthma, varicose veins and even allergies. So, short breaks and relieving unnecessary tension is all they need.

12. Pisces

Body Parts: Nervous System, Feet & Thalamus

A Piscean is mostly affected by problems related to nervous systems. They also have a weaker immune system. Depression and erratic behavior are key symptoms among the people under this sign. They can also get affected by foot problems like corn, athlete’s foot and even bunions.

So, if you’re getting affected by some serious health problems, then chances are that it may have been caused due to faults in your own stars.