Hepatitis B - The Most Dangerous Virus

Every year, millions of people diagnosed with Hepatitis B. What then follows is a roller coaster of emotions: anger, fear, indecision, misery and the dire need to reach out to a family member or a closed one for guidance and encouragement.

Hepatitis B is a life threatening liver infection. Some of the adults have it for a short span of time and then they get over it after a few months. But sometimes, in rare cases it does not go away and continue for a long time, which can damage your liver, it is then called chronic hepatitis B. It can cause liver failure and liver cancer, which can be so fatal at times.

You might be having hepatitis B and you don’t know if you are suffering from it as there are no symptoms in the initial stage. You can have hepatitis B by coming in contact of blood or body fluid of an infected person. If the infection is not detected at a right time, it can turn into chronic hepatitis B.  One can also get hepatitis B by having sex with the infected person, sharing needles that are used for injecting drugs of infected persons, getting tattoos or piercing with unsterilized needles, sharing personal items like a toothbrush or razor with an infected person and pregnant women who is infected can pass this disease to her baby. It is advised that pregnant women should be tested for hepatitis B so that vaccination can be given to babies after it comes to life.

But the question is that how one can come to know whether they are infected with hepatitis B or not as there are not many symptoms of it. But when you are first infected early warning signs include belly pain, jaundice, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea fever or fatigue. These symptoms may not show up for 1 to 6 months of getting infected so in that case it is only detected by performing a blood test. If the doctor is suspicious then physical examination of the body is done. A blood test is done if your illness comes out to be chronic then he/she may take a sample of a tissue from liver which is known as a biopsy. Through that sample test doctor will come to know if your case is severe or not.

No doubt that this is the most dangerous virus but due to the advancement in the technology this can be treated. When you find out that you are infected with hepatitis B, visit doctor every 2 weeks, he will give you vaccination and hepatitis B immune globulin. With the help of this your immune system will be boosted to fight against the infection. You may have to give up things that can harm your liver. If the infection doesn’t go away within six months and it happens to be chronic hepatitis B then the doctor may prescribe medicines like Sofovir, Ledviclear, DalsiClear and DaclaHep. But if the illness continues for more than six months than it mean it’s life threatening.

The person suffering from this should take some preventive measures so that this does not get transmitted to other people. Some of them includes getting regular vaccinations (if not infected), cover all open cuts or wounds, don’t share chewing gum or pre chew food of baby, razors, toothbrush, nail care tools or pierced earrings with anyone and do not donate blood.

Apart from the infected person, others should also get the hepatitis B vaccination, especially babies, health care worker, worker of daycare center, those who use needles to take drugs and who come in contact with blood or body fluid of friends or family members. Regular vaccinations should be taken by everyone because this is the most dangerous virus and can’t be cured if it continues for more than six months. If it continues for a larger span of time then it is life threatening.