How to fight arthritis before it gets you down

Quick Munch

 - Stress on joints causes arthritis
 - Weight loss and exercise help in treatment
 - Workout helps in keeping muscles strong
 - A balanced diet is required

Arthritis is a disease of joints (inflammation of joints). When people are young the bones keep wearing and tearing but their elasticity tends to wear off with time. When this disease of joints becomes unbearable, it’s known as arthritis. There are many types of arthritis.

Types of Arthritis are:

 - Osteoarthritis: It is often related to aging or to an injury.

 - Rheumatoid arthritis: It is the most common form of arthritis.

 - Gout: It is Inflammation of joints.

 - Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: It is a form of the disease that occurs in children.

 - Infectious arthritis: It is an infection that has spread from another part of the body to the joint.


Types of Arthritis

The disease has already affected a large proportion of population leaving behind blood pressure, hypertension and even cancer.

There are nearly 30 million cases of arthritis in India which is already a sign of worry.

Some most common symptoms are stiff joints, swelling and redness. When people have experience trouble in moving their joints, it could means they are suffering osteoporosis, which occurs in older people or rheumatoid arthritis which occurs in the immune system.


 - Being overweight

 - Hereditary                               

 - Women more prone than men

 - Immune system disturbance           

 - Putting stress on the joints over a long period of time


 - Surgery 

 - Healthy diet                                                                        

 - Injections                                                                            

 - Weight loss, if overweight

 - Local heat for pain relief

 - Medicines -prescribed by the doctor                                                 

 - Exercise (after consultation from a professional)

 - Exercise (after consultation from a professional)               

The three main types of exercise that you can included in your daily routine:

Range-of-motion exercises are stretching exercises in which each joint is moved as far as possible in all directions. These exercises need to be done on a daily basis to prevent any stiffness and deformities.

Strengthening exercises help in increasing muscle strength. Strong muscles support the joints, making the joints more stable than before and helping a person to move more easily with less pain.

Endurance exercises or cardio are physical exercises that increase the heart rate for at least 20 to 30 minutes. By raising the heart rate, these exercises improve the cardiovascular fitness.

To enhance the effectiveness, these exercises should be performed at least three times a week.


 - Improve overall fitness

 - Keep joint muscles strong                                                       

 - Keep cartilage and bone tissue healthy and strong                            

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet should consist of foods, including low fat milk, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A person should take small and frequent meals especially if one is taking painkillers as pain killers are generally affect the lining of stomach causing gastritis.

There are certain studies that reveal that omega3 is beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis. Its sources are fish, soy, flax, mustard oil, fenugreek and bajra.

So let’s make it a habit

 - To think positive

 - To eat a balanced diet                                                                   

 - To do exercises regularly

 - To include foods rich in antioxidants and omega3 in diet                                                     

And most importantly

To stop arthritis from spreading by taking small steps and crossing all the hurdles caused by arthritis.