Vaginal Discharge in women works as cleaner of the body. Vaginal discharge is a combination of fluids and dead cells that are shed by a woman’s vagina.

The normal vaginal discharge is healthy to keep the vagina clean, it works as lubrication. The color, odor and time of vaginal discharge may vary according to the menstrual cycle. It often ranges from clear to milk whitish in color. You may discharge more when you are sexually aroused, pregnant or breastfeeding. The odor and color may be different than usual when you are pregnant.

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However, if the odor, color and time interval does not correspond with your menstrual cycle, you may need to visit a doctor. When you have itching, irritation and burning sensation along with vaginal discharge, it may not be normal.

Causes of Abnormal Discharge

 - Use of antibiotic or steroid
 - Birth control pills
 - Diabetes
 - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
 - Use of scented soaps that may cause burning
 - Unprotected sex may give you Trichomoniasis
 - Cervical Cancer
 - Thinning and drying out of vaginal walls during Menopause

Treat your vaginal discharge

 - Wash vagina regularly with warm water and soap that is not harsh on your skin.
 - Sprays and scents are harmful for vagina and vaginal parts, avoid using them.
 - Be careful when you use public bathrooms; clean your inner and outer part carefully, avoid vaginal infections.
 - Cotton underpants would not cause irritation, avoid wearing too tight clothes.