Health Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Our Health is an important issue and we take utmost care to make sure that we don’t get sick more often. But if we go according to our stars, then medical astrology has something more in the bag.

Breast Cancer: Early Symptoms, Types and Treatment
Cancer has been a crucial disease globally and it can affect anyone starting from an infant to an aged person. Cancer has taken millions of lives and the cancer cells that grow inside the body, disturbs the entire mechanism.

Vaginal Discharge in women works as cleaner of the body. Vaginal discharge is a combination of fluids and dead cells that are shed by a woman’s vagina.

We cling onto a glass of water and a painkiller whenever we have headache, stomach ache or menstrual cramp, but is it always wise to swallow a pill for pain? Are you becoming emotionally unavailable with your pain? It’s time to swallow the truth of painkillers.

Remember, when we were kids and our parents kept on saying to drink more water because it’s healthy. It’s time to learn the relation between water and health. Why we need to drink 8 glasses water a day? Let’s go to old school with scientific ways and learn the importance of drinking water.

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on 28th July every year. This day is observed to spread awareness amongst individual, even in remote locations, to prevent its widespread in the upcoming generation. Hepatitis is spread in every region globally and has an adverse effect on 325 million people who are currently suffering from Hepatitis.

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