Diabetes can affect anyone from any walk of life. You must know someone who has diabetes if you don’t have it yourself.


Summer is all about showing off that beautiful summer tan. But to show off that great looking skin, you need to follow certain summer tips in order to enjoy summer and keep a series of health ailments at bay.


You must have heard of people taking multivitamin as dietary supplements. But, is there any benefit of taking it?

Let’s find out!

Is sleeping too much doing more harm than good to you

Quick Bites

- Sleep is one of the fastest growing fields of research.
- A healthy sleep ranges from 7-9 hrs. Anything more than that is oversleeping.
- Oversleeping effects body in many ways.
- Various ways can be adopted to prevent oversleeping.

The Past, Present and Future of Online Pharmacy Business in India

Today everything is going online. With all the shopping options being available online, from grocery to gadgets, buyers prefer to order things online through a click of a mouse rather than taking a trip to a retail store.

How to fight arthritis before it gets you down

Quick Munch

 - Stress on joints causes arthritis
 - Weight loss and exercise help in treatment
 - Workout helps in keeping muscles strong
 - A balanced diet is required

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