Eating is a basic necessity and no one should refrain from it. The world is suffering from the scarcity of food and not everyone is lucky to enjoy even a proper meal of the day. So, it’s time to tackle the phenomenon of global hunger and fight it out to aim for the Zero Hunger around the world.

On this World Food Day, let’s vow to stand stronger against hunger.

About World Food Day!

World Food Day is about countering the problem of world hunger and the saving people from its claws. Food and agricultural organization (FAO) formed in 1945 celebrates World Food Day every year on October 16th. Events promoting the importance of food are organized in more than 150 countries. It makes it one of the most important days in the UN calendar.

FAO’s Aim

The Food and Agricultural organization is working day and night to fight the problem of world hunger. The world produces enough food to feed everyone and yet there are millions left to die and survive without getting a proper meal of the day. In fact, every year most of the infants are killed due to malnutrition.

FAO aims to work consistently to end hunger and despite the problems that we are facing, Zero hunger is still possible by 2030. But it is only possible if we invest

What to do on this world food day?

It’s a necessity and a human right to be introduced and given basic food. No one should be kept away from its reach. There are a lot of things which can be done in order to achieve the goal of zero hunger. I

Invest in Food

Investing in sustainable food schemes and the projects of rural development will address you about the global issues surrounding hunger and it will also help the FAO work accordingly for the ones away from the food. FAO monitors 129 countries and out of which 72 have already developed some positive results. The stats talking about extreme poverty rates have been brought down every year since 1990.

Vow for a Better Environment!

We live in a world where the rate of infants dying before the age of five is quite high. Problems like poor air quality, unhealthy water, improper living conditions and use of pesticides on crops result in average or below average quality of food. This all leads to causing chronic diseases like malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition and what not.

If we don’t have a better environment, we won’t be able to end world hunger.

Introduction to Better Medication

Even today many are left hanging without having proper medication and health services. If we can’t protect ourselves or people suffering and living hard to survive, how can we dream of a better world? Providing medication at a lower cost and funding food and medication schemes or crowdsourcing the projects for the needy can bring in the required help.

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Related Facts & Figures

• After producing enough food to feed everyone, 815 million people still suffer from hunger.
• One out of every nine people suffers from hunger. Out of which, 60% of them are women.
• 45% of infants’ die due to malnutrition.
• Hunger is responsible for killing more people than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined.
• One-third of the food that is produced worldwide is either lost or wasted.
• The world would need to produce 60% more food to feed an ever growing population.
• FAO works in rural areas in around 130 countries to achieve zero hunger.

It’s quite a difficult task and can’t be achieved with the help of a few. So, are you ready to feed the people in need?