The Past, Present and Future of Online Pharmacy Business in India

Today everything is going online. With all the shopping options being available online, from grocery to gadgets, buyers prefer to order things online through a click of a mouse rather than taking a trip to a retail store.

What is online pharmacy?

One of the most innovative technology models that have positioned itself in the healthcare sphere is online pharmacy. It was only a matter of time before people started ordering their medicines online. The rise of internet has given rise to various models, which has made the accessibility and serving to customer in fast paces and in the most efficient way. Online Pharmacy is going to be the next big thing that will affect billions of lives and will bring healthy changes for a safer tomorrow. There are several ways that using an online pharmacy can work to your advantage.

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Legal Status in India

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act have placed regulations on the sale of Schedule X and Schedule H drugs, which can only be sold with a legal prescription.

Therefore in India, where the trend of online pharmacy is rising, the government’s laws have kept up in order to make sure no illegal usage of drugs is practiced online.

Current Situation

The trend of online pharmacies is very common in western countries. Also, the growth of online pharmacy in India is considerably soaring. Though India will have to convince people about the originality of drugs, the future of online pharmacy in India is promising.

An online pharmacy in India will be a huge success if it can lure its audience by:

- Making users aware of the fact that medicine eCommerce exist

- Ensuring buyers that payment on such site is both safe and secure

- Offering discounts better than physical chemist shops

- Dealing in medicines of renowned brand

- Flexibility of payment options available as per the user’s convenience

- Delivery service available all over India

Recent developments

Like other countries, Online Pharmacies in India face many challenges. But despite the challenges, there are some websites like that are doing great job by offering amazing services like free home delivery all over India, 100% refund policy and great discount on various medicines, along with taking care of all the legal formalities set by the government.