Tips to protect your skin this Holi

Holi is the festival of colors and is celebrated all over India to mark the arrival of spring. Holi brings joy, colors and a time of celebration with friends and family.

But, it also brings unwanted skin problems like pimples, rashes and other skin related issues. The vibrant colors of Holi are manufactured by mixing powdered glass and a variety of toxic chemicals. However, by taking precautions you can avoid skin and hair problems caused by these colors and can celebrate Holi in full swing.

Colors and their harmful effects

 Red :  Mercury Sulphite
Harmful Effects: loss of eyesight, skin cancer, loss of memory, partial paralysis

 Black :  Lead Oxide
Harmful Effects: irritation of skin, kidney problems damage to central nervous system

 Green :  Copper Sulphate
Harmful Effects: rashes, soreness of skin, allergies

 Silver :  Aluminum Bromide
Harmful Effects: Highly cancerous

 Purple :  Chromium Iodine
Harmful Effects: dermatitis, asthma, skin allergy.

Tips to protect your skin

Cover Up
Wear clothes that cover the maximum parts of your body. You can wear full sleeves top to protect your hands and pants or leggings that completely cover your legs. You can also wear socks to protect your feet.

Apply oil
Apply oil like mustard oil, coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil before going out to play Holi. Apply it more on your face and palms and on body parts that remain exposed. Do this at least an hour before playing Holi. This will prevent Holi colors to come in contact with your skin and also they don’t seep inside your skin.

Apply Sunscreen
Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from tan and other harmful effects of the Holi colors and sun. It will protect damaging UV rays from penetrating into the skin.

Apply Nail Paint
To avoid your nails from getting colored apply nail paint on them. After Holi is over, you can remove it easily with the help of nail paint remover.

Use Petroleum Jelly
Apply petroleum jelly behind ears, under nails, over the lips and on other parts where you think the color might struck and thus making it difficult for you to remove it afterwards.

Protect your hair
Apply hair oil like olive oil or coconut oil to your scalp and hair to protect your hair from becoming dry due to harmful Holi colors. The oil will prevent colors from going deep into hair roots and scalp skin.

Following the above precautions will help you to effectively protect yourself from the harmful effects of Holi colors so that you can play holi without any worries.

Stay Safe and Healthy.
    Happy Holi!