Specialty medicines are high cost and high touch medication for patients with chronic health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, hepatitis. Specialty medicines range from cutting edge injectable to oral.

You are required to have a valid prescription with you while purchasing specialty medicines.

 Why prescription is important?

Prescription is needed because it is the only licit way to buy medicines in India. Reasons being:

  1. Medicines make you addictive. Whenever you feel you have a problem, you might take a medicine immediately. A prescription will make a think twice and restrict you from buying medicines straightaway.
  2. In India, many of us have a habit of taking drugs without consulting any doctor. It can prove perilous.
  3. If you take a medicine without any prescription, it can lead to a called condition called Antibiotic Resistance. 


What is a legitimate prescription?  

A legal prescription has the following: 

  1. Doctor’s Details
    1. Details about the doctor like his qualification, registration number
    2. Doctor’s stamp and signature
    3. Consultation date: the date when you meet the doctor


  1. Patient’s Details 
  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age/DOB 


  1. Medicines’ Details 
  1. Medicine’s dosage and name
  2. Direction of usage
  3. Duration and frequency for which the medicine has to be taken  


What happens when you don’t have a prescription? 

It’s not legal to sell medicines in India without a valid prescription. For buying specialty drugs online from you need to have a valid prescription. If you take medicines without consulting any doctor, then there are a lot of risks associated with it like: 

  1. Your body might be allergic to certain medicines as medicines react differently to different bodies.
  2. You are at risk of antibiotic resistance: it’s a condition when your body will become resistant to any drug.
  3. You could become medicine addict by taking it for every small problem.

A prescription is not just a piece of paper, it is given purposefully. Therefore, it’s advisable to get a prescription before buying medicines. Doing this you can easily avoid all the risks associated with particular medicines and stay healthy. If you like this article, please like our Facebook Page and stay updated with all the amazing health facts and articles.

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