World AIDS Day 2018

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have seen a rise in recent times. There are many factors responsible for the transmission of the STDs, but the most important of all is the concept of 'Safe Sex'. Even today, many people still don’t prefer the idea of safe sex.

The following fact also puts light on the rising cases of HIV. The cases of HIV/AIDS is a widely discussed topic and lots of steps have been taken to stop HIV from spreading more, but it is still on a rise. 

AIDS is a deadly STD that attacks the immune system of our body. In fact, more than 35 million people have died because of HIV. On this World AIDS Day, let us speak up and work in order to stop AIDS. Every Year, the World AIDS Day is marked with a particular theme. With this year theme as, ‘Know Your Status’, World AIDS Day will mark its 30th anniversary.

“According to a report, 2017 saw 87,590 new HIV infections and 69,110 AIDS-related deaths in India.”

About World AIDS Day

AIDS attacks our immune system and infects the T Cells, which further damages the body’s ability to fight infections. Hence, the HIV spreads more into the body. World AIDS Day is all about spreading awareness and teaching people about HIV. It also focuses on stigma and behaviour that people living with HIV go through in their daily lives.

With this year theme, ‘Know Your Status’, the aim is to make people learn more about HIV and encourage each and everyone to get tested.

“According to a report, out of all people living with HIV, only 75% of them know about their statuses.”

It means that only about 9.4 million people don’t have any idea that they are HIV positive because they haven’t been tested. It also raises the risk of spreading HIV through unprotected sex.

Be Responsible and Lovable Towards People with HIV

As a responsible citizen, we do have some responsibilities to fulfill. Other than spreading awareness about AIDS, we also need to show solidarity with people living with HIV by buying and wearing a red ribbon and funding National AIDS Trust. We also need to stop the stigma and criminal behaviour that people do with HIV infected.

“Out of 36.9 million people infected with some form of HIV, around 1.8 million are children.”

So, are you going to stand with us and help people to ‘KNOW THEIR STATUS?’

“Just Go and Get Tested”