world first aid day

What should be the first thing to be done if someone gets injured? The apt answer would be to provide them with ‘First Aid’.

Helping someone who requires help and medication is above everything, and we should remember that. Imagine a situation where someone at your workplace gets an injury or met with a road accident. Now, you standing as a witness won’t change a thing but acting on it may bring in the necessary help.

Introduced by Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in 2000, the idea of ‘First Aid Day’ has always been about making people aware of the life-saving acts.

On the occasion of ‘First Aid Day’, it is our duty to acknowledge the need for first aid and raise awareness as much as possible. We need to understand that how the basic knowledge of the first aid can save millions of lives. This year, the theme is focused on ‘first aid’ and ‘road safety.

The Basics

The first thing required for you is to learn the basics. The basic first aid knowledge will help to learn the most simple techniques and procedures. These techniques can be performed with limited equipment and are typically carried out where there’s time until professional medical assistance arrives.

As per the theme this year regarding road safety, the main aim is to make people on the road aware of the accidents and what can be done in those situations to counter problems.

The Key Skills

The most important to apply the provisions of first aid is to learn the ABC of it. The ABC here stands for Airway, breathing, and circulation. Used by all emergency health professionals, the key here is to make sure that the person survives till the paramedics arrive.

Some Facts & Figures

Check out some facts regarding first aid and road safety…
 - According to a survey by the British Red Cross, Only half of Britons have the confidence to administer emergency first aid.
 - Road crashes cause 134 million lives each year.
 - Anoxia is the most common cause of death during road crashes. It’s a lack of oxygen supply caused due to the blocked airway.
 - Up to 15 % of motor vehicle crash-related deaths could be prevented in Australia if the first aid was administered before paramedics arrived.

So, focus on saving lives too because who knows, a person in your locality or a relative family may need it. Artificial respiration, chest compression or CPR, it’s all necessary.

“You Can Save Lives Too”

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