World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Cancer is the leading cause of death and among those, pancreatic cancer alone is responsible for 3% of the cancers in people. It is the world’s deadliest cancer with the lowest survival rate and requires more attention and awareness with respect to the progress and treatment of the disease.

On the memorable event of world pancreatic cancer day, let us come together to fight the vulnerabilities of pancreatic cancer.

About the Disease

The pancreas is the small (and spongy) organ which lies deep with the abdomen i.e. under the stomach. The main function of the organ is to secrete hormones and produce enzymes for the food digestion.

The cancer of pancreas arises from an unwanted growth of cells in an abnormal, rapid, and uncontrolled manner and malign cells are formed in the tissues of the pancreas. In more than 95% of the cases, the disease arises from the exocrine portion of the organ.

Know the Symptoms & Causes.

Pancreatic Cancer is very hard to diagnose in the early stages. They just look like any other symptoms of our daily problems and the real problem is known in the later stages. The symptoms include loss of appetite, back pain, abdominal pain, weight loss, fatigue, nausea, and even the depression.

Sometimes, the symptoms also cause jaundice. It results in yellowing of the skin, dark urine, and light coloured bowel movements.

The causes of cancer are many but the specific ones responsible for triggering the cancer of pancreas include cigarette smoking, cases of long-standing diabetes, Obesity, and sometimes the problem occurs due to inherited and genetic conditions.

Facts about Pancreatic Cancer

1. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate among all type of cancers. The survival rate has improved in the case of all kinds of cancer except in the case of pancreatic cancer.

2. It is reported that during world pancreatic cancer day, about 905 people around the world will die from pancreatic cancer.

3. Studies have shown that not smoking, drinking (Liquor) in moderation, and maintaining a healthy body weight reduces the risks of cancer of the pancreas.

4. It affects both men and women equally.

5. It is the seventh most common cause of cancer deaths all over the world.

6. According to reports, an estimated 55,440 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the U.S. in 2018, and more than 44,330 will die from it.

7. It is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. It has surpassed breast cancer. By 2020, it is expected to become the second leading cause of cancer deaths, surpassing colorectal cancer.

Steps to be taken

Spread Join hands with communities around the world and spread the word about the disease and help your family, friends, and everyone else to know more about the disease.

Help the patients to fight and survive the nightmare of pancreatic cancer. Help them to know their body.