World Toilet Day 2018

What is the most important task when you wake up in the morning? It doesn’t matter if you are in some kind of hurry or are getting late for work, you never forget to use the toilet.

Believe it or not, it is among the important tasks to finish. The point is, many of those gifted with the courtesy of toilets don’t understand its importance to the core.

“1.8 billion People around the world use water that may have been contaminated with human faeces.”

We really need a toilet. A toilet with proper sanitation and clean surroundings. But there are billions of people who don’t even have proper conditions to clean up their bowel system, leave the point about having a toilet.

Without being provided with the services of a proper toilet, people opt for open defecation because they don’t have a choice. Due to which, human faeces are deposited on a massive scale, and is the waste which is not being captured or treated properly. It has led to the contamination of the soil and water that sustains human life.

“Around 892 million people practice open defecation.”

It is, in fact, us who are deteriorating our environment and turning it into an open sewer. So, in the wake of ‘World Toilet Day 2018’, let us join hands and pledge to build more and more toilets along with proper and safe sanitary conditions. We must also remember that other than building toilets and sanitation systems, we have to make sure that the system and toilets created work in harmony with the ecosystems.

When Nature Calls…

World Toilet Day is about finding nature-based solutions to our sanitation needs. The day is all about taking a step in order to ensure that everyone is able to get a safe toilet by 2030. This year’s event is based on a theme, ‘When Nature Calls’. It is to simply put the fact that we don’t have control over it and it is not something that we can stop. So, we need to take measures that can keep our environment safe and health safer. The impact of exposure to human waste is too dangerous and has some serious effects.

“4.8 billion People i.e. more than 60 % of the global population live with no toilets or have one which cannot manage enough human excreta.”

It affects our health, living surroundings, nutrition, education, and many other important things. If not treated properly, it can also cause some serious diseases to people around the area.

What to do on ‘World Toilet Day’?

The programme is a part of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) of safe sanitation, water and access to toilets. Firstly, we need to get ourselves informed about the matters and conditions that people are living in. The scene proving access to safe toilets to everyone by 2030 looks like a risk at the moment.

“62.5% of people around the world don’t have access to safe sanitation.”

Secondly, we need to hold events to raise awareness and talk about the importance of toilets and what can be achieved through clean surroundings and safe sanitation. Thirdly, if we try, we can raise funds and provide our helping hands in completing the projects.


We can also built composting latrines. It can capture and treat human waste on site, which will be producing a free supply of fertiliser to help and grow crops.

Building human-made wetlands and reed-beds, which would filter wastewater before it gets released back into the water courses.

Some more facts to consider!

 There are about One-third of the schools present worldwide that do not provide any kind of toilet facilities (It’s a particular and a common problem faced by girls during menstruation).

Around 900 million school children all over the world don’t have hand-washing facilities (One more reason responsible for spreading deadly diseases).

Globally, more than 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into our ecosystem. And without being treated or reused.

All in all, it is everyone’s responsibility to raise a world that is clean and healthy. So, make sure that whenever nature calls, we have to listen and act.