NottyBoy SexOmetry – Multi Textured (30s)


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Texture : Dotted, Ribbed and Contour (3 in 1)
Lubricated : Yes
Material : Natural Rubber Latex
Disposable Bags : Included, 30
Package : 3 Packs of 10 Condoms each
Size : Length 180mm (min) | Width 53 ± 2mm
Type: Condoms for men

NottyBoy SexOmetry® 3 in 1 Multi Textured Condoms ( Ribbed – Dotted – Contour )

More means cooling down on your stress. How about to give your love more with our NottyBoy SexOmetry to bring some heat to your chemistry!

Our Multi Textured master will offer you all those fantastic sensations require for those intense motions.

Spice up your life and take it a step further with our ‘Three in One’ master of arts. The perfectly ribbed condom has contours to create elevation and the dotted texture to spike up the tension. The strategically placed dots offers those extra stimulation’s and heightened sensations to make her reach the path of multiple orgasms. With that extended pleasure, bring the best use of our texture and offer some extra joy to your favourite toy, because you need to play right and be her guide while you are extremely tight.

Our weapon of SexOmetry also has powers to stop the might of your tide…

The 3 in One Multi Textured condom will give you all the fervour that will lead you to a long-lasting affair of lovemaking and it will be more than enough to cause a needed chaos involving the actions that are purely desirable and consensual. In fact, pleasure will be the only thing left on your mind.

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Weight200 g
Dimensions13.5 × 8 × 8 cm

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NottyBoy SexOmetry - Multi Textured (30s)


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