Long Lasting Condoms in India

What is Long Lasting Condom?

A condom is the most needed kit when you have to avoid pregnancy during intercourse. But do you know about long-lasting condoms? The long-lasting condoms are designed for the delay ejaculation. It helps to give extra pleasure and describes the functionality for long-lasting sexual pleasure when you are having a good time with your partner. This long-lasting condom is safe to use and stays no side effects. These condoms are designed to give pleasure sensation to both the partners. This climax condom saves you from premature ejaculation and gives a time-consuming love-making moment. It is lubricated with climax delay and gives protection for preventing pregnancy.

Do you know the process of climax delay condom?

The new extra time condom helps to avoid the off experience of premature ejaculation due to the presence of lubricant benzocaine (4.5%). Climax delay condom is the best-selling product available online that comes with affordable pricing.

The best climax delay condoms are clinically and 100% electronically tested to be saved from quality issues. This one-time purchase gives you forever sexual pleasure to have memorable and passionate intercourse with your partners. You can trust the product and use it confidently. As per the study, more than 65% of men prefer buying the product to get intense sexual pleasure.

More about long-lasting condoms in India

People often prefer brands when it comes to purchasing the product to the skin. And the choice becomes more complex when the concern is for the genitals. The extra time condoms are easily available in the market. You can buy them online with one click. This will save your time and efforts and get the product delivered to your doorstep with 100% discreet shipping. Before buying the product, you must check its review and make sure that your reproductive area should not be affected by any infection. There are lots of brands available in the market, so you must purchase only the trusted ones.

How to use a long-lasting condom?

Condoms are used to skip a pregnancy and other transmitted diseases. It is a trusted product easily available online and offline stores. Condoms are effective and safe to use. You can purchase long-lasting condoms any time to enjoy your sexual intercourse and create a moment of passion and pleasure.

Benefits of extra time condoms

  • The delay long-lasting condoms are customers’ first choice when it comes to enjoying intercourse with full safety.
  • The most valuable benefit of the delayed condom is that it helps in avoiding the pregnancy and spread of STDs.
  • The use of good-quality condoms is always healthy and hygienic, so you must check the expiry date before purchasing.
  • This long-lasting condom gives great fun and is safe to use.
  • This gives pleasure to both the partners to have an intense orgasm during the intercourse.

NottyBoy extra time condom size:

. Standard size condoms – length: 180mm (Min.) Width: 53 ± 2mm

What are the long lasting condom side effects?

  • People are well known and aware of the fact that condoms have no side effects on the body and on the area applied. If your genital area is allergic or has any sensitive skin then it might react.
  • You must be aware of the point that long-lasting condoms are not appropriate for oral sex. Due to the special fluid present on the condom.
  • The reproductive body part should be washed and wiped thoroughly if your partner is indulging in oral sex. If your partner has a latex allergy of 2%, then the condoms are not suitable.
  • This is also a considered fact that delay long-lasting condom is among the best seller and has good purchase in India. Therefore, if you are specifically allergic, then avoid using delay condoms.

Safety tips

  • Ensure you clean the area before use to avoid any sexually transmitted disease.
  • Do not use a used condom and tear condoms. It may become unhealthy and unhygienic for use.
  • You must check it is not torn or has any holes anywhere.
  • You must keep it away from extreme sunlight and cold temperature.
  • You must choose the right size of the delay condom that suits your best.
  • You must use latex or polyurethane condoms.
  • Do not use oil-based products with a condom. It may cause it to break or fail.
  • Do not use 2 condoms together.


You must keep the long-lasting condom in a cool and dry place and away from extreme sunlight.

Note: You must read the instructions carefully before use to enjoy the ultra max pleasure with your partner.


Is it safe to use delayed condoms?

Delay condoms are totally safe to use. These condoms are absolutely safe and effective as regular condoms. It helps in protecting against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. You can clean the genital area before and after the use of a condom. But this delay condom can leave side effects only when your genitals are allergic due to infections.

Do delayed condoms increase timing?

With the use of benzocaine, delayed condoms help in avoiding premature ejaculation and enhance the intercourse timing by up to 15 percent, and work as a normal condom.

How long do delay condoms take to work?

These types of condoms are made with climax delay lubricant, which helps in numbing the area of male genitals to minimize the excess sensitivity. This works in delaying ejaculation without leaving no harm to the most sensitive skin of your body. The active chemical used in the delay condom is benzocaine, a mild anesthetic that temporarily desensitizes the area that extends the timing of your sexual activity.

What is benzocaine?

Benzocaine is known as a topical analgesic medication. People use the anesthetic to relieve pain or discomfort. It is not recommended for long-term use. The gels, sprays, creams, and other products can treat insect bites, minor cuts, and scratches. It’s also used to treat vaginal and rectal irritation and is sometimes used in sexual enhancement products to desensitize male genitalia. It helps to block the nerve signals of a part of the body. Its numbing effects are temporary. It relieves the pain during intercourse with your partner that comes due to vaginal itching and skin irritations. It delays premature ejaculation when you apply to enjoy sexual activity.

Can I re-use this condom?

No, the delay spray condom is for single use only.

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