Control D Blood Glucose Test Strips, 25 Strips

Control D Blood Glucose Test Strips, 25 Strips


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Rs. 599
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Product Type : Blood Glucose Test Strips
Manufactured by : Control D
Packing : 25 Blood Glucose Test Strips
Delivery : With in 5-7 days
Note : Only Strips, No Glucometer

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Control D is a diabetes management kit packed in a crafted plastic box which fits inside the pocket of the patient. Control D uses advanced amperometric biosensors to measure accurate blood glucose using low volume of blood in 5 seconds. This product is a set of 25 strips which can be used with the kit.

Specifications of Control D Blood Glucose Test Strips:

 - Easy, no coding
 - Accuracy, carbon electrodes
 - Precision, laser patterning
 - Quick, fast draw technology
 - Alternate site testing
 - Sample volume - 0.5 microliters

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