Coronation Deluxe 1.5 L Hot Water Bag

Coronation Deluxe 1.5 L Hot Water Bag


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Product Type : Deluxe Hot Water Bag
Manufactured by : Coronation
Packing : 1 Deluxe 1.5 L Hot Water Bag
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Also known as - Hot Water Bottle


Quality - Deluxe (Single Side Ribbed)
Weight - 463 (gms)
Dimensions - 20 (cm) x 0.1 (cm) x 34.5 (cm)

About Hot Water Bag

A hot water bag is a container filled with hot water and sealed with a stopper, used to provide warmth, typically while in bed, but also for the application of heat to a specific part of the body.


 - High quality rubber
 - Maximum comfort
 - Heat therapy treatment
 - Non-electric Water Bag
 - Not Suitable For Ice
 - Ideal for Kids, Adults
 - Leak Proof Feature
 - Hot water bags is known for its durability
 - Aesthetic appearance
 - Can be used in bed easily
 - It's safe to use a hot water bottle during pregnancy. It's actually a great way of easing pains and cramps.


 - Hot water bottle useful in joint pains stomach.
 - Back aches arthritic.
 - Rheumatic pains bed warm sports aches.
 - Pains muscular cramps.
 - Ideal stomach and back aches.
 - Ease menstrual cramps/Periods.
 - Treat headaches.


 - Made from Natural Rubber High Quality
 - Fine finish
 - Precise design
 - Reliable

How to use

 - Filling a Hot Water Bottle.
 - Before you fill your water bottle, make sure the cover is already on the bottle. It may get a little wet, but if you try to hold your bottle without a cover while you are filling it up, the rubber may be too hot on your hands.
 - Unscrew the plug from the hot water bottle.
 - Allow water to heat up.
 - Fill your bottle with water, about two thirds full.
 - Remove your bottle from the water source.
 - Squeeze air from the water bottle.
 - Screw the plug back into the hot water bottle.
 - Place the bottle on your desired area.
 - Empty your bottle after use.

Safety Measures

 - If water bottle has some water left in it, make sure you pour it out. You want to achieve the best heat from your water bottle, and using cooler, older water will make it harder for your hot water bottle to heat up.
 - Try not to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 42 degrees Celsius with your water.
 - You might consider wearing gloves, or some other protection on your hands in case you accidentally spill some of the water onto yourself. You can also prop your water bottle up so that it stands up by itself by placing items around it to hold it up -- that way you can pour your water into the bottle without the risk of harming your hands.
 - Make sure you don't leave the hot water bottle on your body for longer than 30 minutes. Direct heat for a long period of time can be damaging to your body, so you want to be as safe as possible. If you are using the bottle to ease aches and are still experiencing pain after, take the bottle off after 30 minutes and then replace it again after waiting 10 minutes or so.
 - Do not air your water bottle out in an area that experiences temperature fluctuations (such as above the stove), under the sink, or in direct sunlight as these can decrease the quality of your water bottle.

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