Dr Morepen BG-03 Test Strips - 100 Strips

Dr Morepen BG-03 Test Strips - 100 Strips


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Rs. 1998
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Model Number : BG-03
Manufactured by : Dr Morepen
Packing : 100 Blood Glucose Test Strips
Delivery : With in 5-7 days
Note : Only Strips, No Glucometer

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Dr. Morepen presents you these BG-03 test strips. You can use these strips for both professional and home use. The stripes will help you test your blood glucose level in your body. With the frequent use of these strips, you can keep your blood sugar in control, which will result in healthy and happy living.

Dr Morepen bg03 strips when used with Dr Morepen gluco one bg03, measures concentration of blood glucose by self testing for both professional and home use. Routine blood glucose sugar testing with Dr Morepen bg03 strips can provide you with information on how your treatment program affects your blood glucose level. Testing blood glucose frequently can help keep your diabetes under control. Dr Morepen bg03 strips require only a tiny drop of blood.

How to use (Dr Morepen BG-03 Test Strips)

 - Clean the finger before use.
 - Piercing the finger from where you want to take the blood sample.
 - The minimum blood sample should be 1.5 mg/dl.
 - Put the sample blood on the test strip and use it as directed in the glucometer.

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