Durex Kohinoor Multi Flavour - Combo Pack

Durex Kohinoor Multi Flavour - Combo Pack


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Manufactured by: TTK Protective Devices Ltd.
Marketed by : Reckitt Benckiser
Packing : Combo Pack of 10 Dotted Silky Chocolate, 10 Dotted Juicy Strawberry & 10 Dotted Meetha Paan condoms

-Dotted chocolate(10s), strawberry(10s) & Meetha Paan(10s) flavoured latex condoms
-Straight walled and teat ended natural rubber latex condoms that smell good
-Coloured and lubricated for extra sensitivity
-Dermatologically tested and 100 percent electronically tested
-Length: 180mm (min), width 53 plus/minus 2 mm

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