In a new data analysis, #Zepatier turned up proportionally fewer serious side effects than Gilead Sciences’ hep C combo treatment Harvoni and its veteran hep C med Sovaldi.

Healthcare informatics firm Advera Health Analytics looked at clinical trial data for the three drugs and found that whileHarvoni and Sovaldi’s labels have worrisome side effects such as cardiac arrest and suicidal ideation, Zepatier does not have the same side effects listed. Zepatier is less risky than Sovaldi, according to Advera’s report, but the drug’s safety is on par with Harvoni, Advera said.

Zepatier and Harvoni worked almost equally well in treating individuals in clinical trials who had already undergone treatment. Harvoni was more effective than Zepatier and Sovaldi in patients who hadn’t been treated previously, though, according to the report.

Sovaldi turned up the most serious side effects of the three drugs. Advera flagged a few side effects that the FDA might require to be on the drug’s label in the future, including progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, a rare brain infection; Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare but serious skin disorder that exhibits through flu-like symptoms; and drug-induced liver injury.