NottyBoy Chocolate Flavoured Dotted Condoms


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Rs. 180
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✓ Flavour : Chocolate
✓ Texture : Dotted
✓ Lubricated : Yes
✓ Material : Natural Rubber Latex
✓ Disposable Bags : Included, 10
✓ Package : 10 Pcs
✓ Size : Length 180mm (min) | Width 53 ± 2mm

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Chocolate Flavour

The Chocolate flavour condoms from our own Notty Boy are designed to bring in that extra love and excitement. So, it won’t just smell like chocolate, it will actually taste like one and you won’t be delaying the fun. Treat her with our chocolate and she will never let you wait because she will need those vibes and pleasures of chocolate.

Our extra dots will make sure that you won’t miss those extreme sensations and inducing stimulations. So, try our Notty Boy Checkmate Chocolate flavoured condoms and bring in some more appeal and enticement to your hard-hitting motions.

Taste our chocolate and save your basket…

Note: For Single Use Only. If Used Properly, Condoms Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Transmission Of HIV (AIDS) & Many Other Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI). However No Method Of Contraception Can Give You 100% Protection Against Pregnancy, HIV Or STD's. For Optimal Security The Product Should Be Placed In A Cool Dry Place Away From Sunlight.

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