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  • Hashmi Baby Capsule (20caps)

    Babytone Capsule is made using precious herbs picked from pure natural resources. This infertility solution is a magnificent result of an intelligent blend of technological research and ancient knowledge.This ayurvedic infertility treatment targets the weakness of male hormones and sperms. It works as a natural supplement that nourishes the deficiency of sperm`s health and performance. The conception is possible only when the male sperms are strong enough to reach the woman`s ovary and fertile it. If the sperm motility is weak or they are less in number than what is required or they are not strong enough to fertile the eggs, then all the efforts to conceive a child may go in vain. The only way to know the exact issue is the proper diagnosis.If the issue is related to male sperms, then this medicine is the ultimate and powerful solution to increase the chances of hope. This infertility ayurvedic medicine increases the sperm motility, increases the amount of semen and healthy sperms and make them stronger to be able to fertile woman`s egg.This natural composition is one of its kinds because of the ingredients included. Only pure herbs are considered to make this medicine after repeated testing in the labs as to check their impact. All these precautions have made this medicine an effective treatment for infertility. The medicine has produced a very good result so far and blessed the lap of many couples.

    • Manufacturer Address: 3031, Qazi Wara, Sir Syed Ahmed Road Darya Ganj New Delhi Delhi-110002
    • Country of Origin: India

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    Hashmi Baby Capsule (20caps)


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